Lawyer selection process | Pla & Roig Aran

Pla & Roig Aran is a growing firm that is always on the lookout for new professionals to join its team. A rigorous selection process ensures that our commitment to outstanding quality is upheld.

Pla & Roig Aran is currently recruiting young, team-oriented lawyers; those having undergone additional training in the field of commercial and corporate law, in particular, are encouraged to apply. An excellent command of English is also required, since a large portion of the work undertaken by our lawyers is conducted in this language.

Pla & Roig Aran offers successful candidates the opportunity to join a team of lawyers amongst whom they can grow professionally in a dynamic setting marked by quality, a serious approach to professional ethics and a superb working environment. Our office provides the ideal backdrop against which to work on exciting projects in all areas of commercial and corporate law for clients based in different countries and from a variety of sectors.