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Pla & Roig Aran

Pla & Roig Aran is a firm specialising in corporate law, whose fully-fledged personnel offer comprehensive legal advice to both Spanish enterprises and foreign companies resident in Spain. Our client base is broad-ranging and comprises individuals and family-run businesses through to multinational firms representing various sectors operating in Europe, Latin America, the United States and Asia.

The firm was founded in 1982, although its origins can be traced back to a family of lawyers who had been practising law since 1799. After more than 20 years providing bespoke legal services under the name Bufete Roig Aran, in 2006 the firm changed its name to Pla & Roig Aran in order to incorporate the surname of one of its partners, Guillermo Pla Otáñez.

Pla & Roig Aran has its head office in Madrid and offices in Barcelona. The office enjoys close professional relationships with other renowned experts in major cities across Spain and overseas, thereby considerably extending the scope of its operations and services. This notwithstanding, in strict compliance with our clients' criteria, all work is conducted under our supervision or through direct contact.

Tailored service. The firm’s primary objective is to provide highly competent legal services to its clients, by means of unwavering dedication and constant monitoring. Because it is a medium-sized firm, at Pla & Roig Aran each associate personally handles the cases that he or she is assigned. We are thus able to ensure that contact with the associate is the rule rather than the exception.

Quality and specialisation. Our professionals are consistently at the forefront of the field thanks to ongoing doctrinal and technical training. We strive to achieve outstanding quality in the service that we provide and legal requirements are always met in strict observance of the applicable professional and ethical standards. Our level of specialisation ensures that we always reach the most suitable solution for each case.

Global presence. Our worldwide presence can be attributed to the close relationships forged and maintained for over 20 years with various individuals and companies based overseas. Our bilingual lawyers are able to communicate fluently with their clients in both English and Spanish.


Guillermo Pla Otáñez

Pablo García-Perrote García-Lomas

Patricia Monterrubio Escorial 

Rocío García-Mauriño Cañal 

Of Counsels

Javier Sans Roig

Berta López-Baillo García